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To Sponsor an Orphan Child

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Assist us to Educate the Underprivileged Children

The Province runs 2 schools, 1 orphanage and 1 hostel. In the orphanage we admit students who are orphans in the real sense as well as destitute children who have parents but are unable to support the education of their children. The Province tries to find the balance resources. The hostel we have is not attached to our school and so we have to pay the school fees too to the outside school. The schools that we have, need to be maintained by the Province, which includes the payment of the salaries to the teachers. For this we need to collect fees from the children. The poor children are given fee concession or are given free education, depending on the situation. Let us join hands to give them life by educating them...


To Sponsor a Orphan Child

For a Month $ 20.00
For a Year $ 200.00
Permanent Scholorshipfor an Orphan Child's Education $ 1,500.00
To help with school Fees & Books for a Poor Child for a Year $ 50.00

The Contribution will help the child to meet the School Fee, Books, Food and Dress. As a sponsor, you will receive information regarding the Child (Including Name, Date of Birth and a Short Profile) and a yearly progress of the Child's Education.