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Care for the Aged

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At the Service of Aged

Traditionally elders care has been the responsibility of family members and was provided within the extended family home. Increasingly in modern societies, elders care is now being provided by state or charitable institutions. The reasons for this change include decreasing family size, the greater life expectancy of elderly people, the geographical dispersion of families, In almost all cases in which elderly persons are declared mentally or physically incompetent to adequately take care of themselves The family should be one of the most important providers for the elderly.


In fact, the majority of caregivers for the elderly are often members of their own family, most often a daughter or a granddaughter. Family and friends provide a home (i.e. have elderly relatives live with them), help with money and meet social needs by visiting, taking them out on trips, etc. but it sad that we don’t find people caring the elderly mother or father because of impaired mobility. They feel it is a burden to take care of them, thus most of the elders are abandoned Impaired mobility is a major health concern for older adults, affecting fifty percent of people over 85 and at least a quarter of those over 75. As adults lose the ability to walk, to climb stairs, and to rise from a chair, they become completely disabled.


In India, a large percentage of the elders are poor and destitute, badly in need of food and shelter. In the past two decades the social scene, due to a number of factors, has undergone drastic changes with the joint family system breaking down. Today nuclear families are the norm. Migration to cities and overseas in search of better opportunities and breaking down of relationships contribute to the isolation of the aged. This brings to the fore the need for the social security and protection for the aged who become more dependent on others for their day-to-day needs. In this context it is the medical and emotional wants that are to be met.


Support our Service in caring for the aged

Care for the Aged of St. John Paul II Province is a non-profitable organization, providing services to all older and other vulnerable persons to live fulfilling and self supporting lives.

We appeal to you to consider making a donation for the care of the Aged. No amount is too small. Help us in our aim to assist the elderly to advance and protect the interest and well-being of older and other vulnerable persons living in the community. So that they may have adequate food, shelter, care and support and are able to be free of exploitation, abuse and neglect, living with dignity and self-respect.


The aged, especially those who are poor and abandoned by their families are taken care of by providing shelter and food. Looking forward to hearing from you and entrusting you to the care of our blessed mother and her son Jesus.
To take care of an Aged Person
Per Day $ 2.00
Per a Month $ 60.00
Per a Year $ 720.00