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A Brief Report

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May 27th, 2016

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”--- Henry Ford

A Brief History of HGN Society
Heralds of Good News, is a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life canonically established in India on 14th October 1984 and got Pontifical Right on 05th May 1999. “The specific purpose of our Society is to train and supply wherever there is need, dedicated, hardworking and saintly missionaries” (art. no. 5). The Society was started with three priests and two brothers and today we have 450 priests and over 300 seminarians at different levels of formation. Currently our Society has two Major Seminaries and four Minor Seminaries in India.

Formation of the Provinces
The Society of Heralds of Good News spread far and wide with its missions and institutions around the globe. The year 2008 was a landmark in the History of Heralds of Good News, for the first time the whole Society was divided into three Provinces for the sake of better administration and effective evangelization. The year 2011 was also significant in the history of HGN, because it has given birth to the fourth Province in the name of ‘South Central Province’ in Andhra region. Thus the birth of St. John Paul II Province came into existence on the Birth Day of Blessed Virgin Mary, 8th September 2011.

Second Provincial Assembly and Election of Administrative Body

The Third Provincial Assembly of the South Central Province was held from September 3rd to 10th, 2017. From 3rd to 7th retreat was held. On 8th morning after the solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Very Rev. Fr. M. Ignatius, the Superior General, the election process started. The members present in the assembly were 20. Through the promptings and inspirations of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Battula was elected the Provincial Superior, Rev. Fr. Bakka Suresh, Vice-Provincial and Rev. Fr. Udaya Kumar Malaka, Rev. Fr. Sathish Narisetti and Rev. Fr. Joseph Thambi Dakkamadugula as Councilors respectively. Rev. Fr. Manda Sudhakar was appointed the Provincial Treasurer and Rev. Fr. Dharelli Thomas, the Provincial Secretary. On 9th the Assembly was held and discussed many points for the growth and betterment of the province by following the articles from St. John Paul II Province Directory.
Various Committees
For the better administration of our Province various committees were formed: Formation Committee, Finance Committee, Education Committee, Property Committee, Ongoing Formation Committee, Construction Committee and Mission Committee.
Properties of the Province
As for the Property of our Province, we have one acre of land in Chinna Autupally (Gannavaram) for the construction of the provincialate. We have a formation house, namely, St. John’s Minor Seminary at Nidadavole in West Godavari District. We have two schools, namely, Heralds English Medium High School at Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad, St. Mary’s English Medium High School at Dhammapeta, Khammam. Besides these we have 9 parishes: Holy Cross Parish Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad, Immaculate Conception Parish at Dhammapeta, Khammam, St. Joseph’s Parish at Enkoor, Khammam, St. Joseph Parish at Nagarjunasagar, Nalgonda, St. John’s Parish at Achampeta, Nalgonda, St. John’s Parish at Nidadavole, Eluru, Infant Jesus Parish at Massedpuram, Kurnool, St. John Paul II Parish at Gopavaram, Kurnool and St. Thomas parish at Thumarakota, Guntur diocese.

Contribution: I am glad to bring to your kind notice that the contribution from St. Mary’s EM High School, Dammapet for the academic year 2015-16 is Rs.3, 05,000.00. Apart from paying the finance for the bus Rs.1, 87, 200.00.

Social Communication Media
A. Website: The website of our Province stands always supportive in giving information. By this website all the information of our province is set in the electronic media.
B. News Letter: New members were appointed for the editorial board, namely, Rev. Fr. Manda Sudhakar, the Chief-Editor and Rev. Fr. Bhattu Daniel as the Sub-Editor. It is through which we would get all the details of the ongoing events and happenings of our Province.
C. Directory: On 22nd October, 2015 on the Feast Day of our Province Patron St. John Paul II the updated new Directory of our Province was released. It is through which we get all the details of the fathers and statistics at a glance. These three entities are used as great source of information to our Province.
Seminarians’ Get-Together
From 8th to 10th April, 2015 the Annual ‘Seminarians Get Together’ was held at our Provincialate in Nidadavole. The Provincial Council, after having heard those responsible for formation, has the right to admit candidates, if judged suitable; to temporal and perpetual incorporation into the society (art no. 39 a). Hence, it was during these days that our brothers were judged suitable for temporal and perpetual promises and thereby on 10 April 2015, three of our brothers made their first promise, eight brothers renewed their promise and another three made their final promise during the Holy Eucharistic Celebration which was presided over by our Provincial Superior Rev. Fr. Charles Gorantla.
It was on 8th April, 2016 the Annual ‘Seminarians Get Together’ began and continued to till 10th April, 2016 at our Provincialate, Nidadavole. On 9th April, 2016 seminar was arranged for all the seminarians on the topic “Jubilee Year of Mercy.” It was presented by Rev. Fr. Amar SJ. On 10th April, 2016 brothers who were judged suitable made their temporal and perpetual promises. Four of our brothers made their first promise, eight of them renewed their promises and three of them made their final promises during the Holy Eucharistic celebration which was presided over by our Provincial Superior Rev. Fr. Charles Gorantla.

Diaconate Ordination
On 3rd July 2015 in St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam, Diaconate Ordination was held. Three of our Brothers Dharelli Thomas, Guthikonda Sleevaraju and Puli Ashok were ordained deacons by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Maipan Paul, the Bishop of Khammam.
The common ordination ceremony was held on 11th April 2016 in Nidadavole by Most Rev. Polimera Jayarao, the Bishop of Eluru, in the presence of Very Rev. Fr. M. Ignatius, our Superior General, Rev. Fr. Gorantla Charles, our Provincial Superior, our Provincial team, Priests, Religious, parents and faithful. The priests ordained were, namely, Rev. Fr. Dharelli Thomas, Rev. Fr. Guthikonda Sleevaraju and Rev. Fr. Puli Ashok Kumar.
Vocation Promotion
The Provincial Superior shall appoint a Vocation Promoter whose task will be to foster vocation and seek suitable candidates. However, all the members, especially those engaged in pastoral and educational ministries have a special responsibility to seek, detect, foster and promote vocations (art no. 24). Hence, for this purpose on 10th April, 2015 Rev. Fr. Amarlapuddi Lourdu Vijaya Raju was appointed as the vocation promoter and was assisted by Bro. Sleeva Raju for Telangana State, Bro. Madhu Babu for the Coastal Andhra Region and Bro. Thambi Joseph for the Rayalaseema Region. Though there was a tremendous decline in the priestly vocations, the vocation promoters who were entrusted with the responsibility of promoting new vocations took lot of initiative and showed much interest to go to different parishes, villages and promoted good number of candidates, who were properly and carefully examined and selected, keeping sound standards even when there is shortage of vocations (art. no. 25). This year too Rev. Fr. Amarlapuddi Lourdu Vijaya Raju continuous to be the vocation promoter and is assisted by Bro. Kopalli Joseph Thambi – Coastal Andhra region, Bro. Kodavatikanti Madhu – Rayalaseema region and Bro. Peddakotla Lourdhu Vinod – Telangana State, 2016.

Missionaries to Abroad
It is a great moment of joy and happiness for our Province because, keeping the specific purpose of our Society described in our Constitutions our priests were sent to the needy dioceses in abroad (art no. 5). Firstly, on 26th September 2014, three of our priests namely Rev. Fr. Gudimalla Raju, Rev. Fr. V. N. Christudasan and Rev. Fr. Pasala John Paul were sent to U. S. A to do their ministry in the Diocese of Stockton. Secondly, Rev. Fr. Natha Simon was sent to the Diocese of Evensville, USA. On 4th November 2015, Rev. Fr. Chinta Ramesh was sent to Netherlands. On February 7th, 2016 Rev. Fr. Maddala Jayanthi Babu was went to Rockhampton diocese, Australia and Rev. Fr. Pedakotla Sathish kumar is getting ready to go to Rockhampton Diocese, Australia for pastoral ministry.
Those in houses of formation will be sent for further studies only if, besides competence in teaching, they have proved themselves to be good formators (art no. 94, General Directory). Basing on the academic performances in the seminary and by looking into the qualities given above Rev. Fr. Bandanadam Antony Balaraju was sent for the higher studies to do his M. Ph in Philosophy to Bangalore in June 2015. Rev. Fr. Bathula Jaya Raj & Rev. Fr. Yeleti Sunder have successfully completed their Licentiate. Let us congratulate and wish them all the best for their further studies.
The Feast of our Patron
On 22nd October 2014, the feast of St. John Paul II our heavenly Patron was celebrated, for which Very Rev. Fr. A. Francis, the Superior General was present in Nidadavole to share our joy by presiding over the Holy Eucharistic Celebration and prayed for all the members of the province. And also on 22nd October 2015, the feast of St. John Paul II our heavenly patron was celebrated prayerfully, most of the Province priests took part in the recollection which was held at provincialate on that day.
Annual Retreat
“The Provincial Superior shall look after the spiritual needs of the members of the Province with charity, kindness and solicitude” (art no. 153.1). Thus, it was a wonderful moment to be seated at the feet of the Lord, to listen His divine voice in order to become the heirs of His Kingdom and to thank God for all the blessings upon each one of us as one family. The Provincial administrative body arranged an Annual Retreat for all the members of the province at Mutangi Divine Centre,Hyderabad from 25th to 30th May 2015. For the year 2016 the annual province retreat was held at Nirmalagiri shrine from May 22 to 25. Good number of priests took part in it and made a fruitful retreat.
Missions in Abroad
As I have written requesting letters for the new openings to all the dioceses in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State, in the same way I have written requesting letters to all the dioceses in USA, a few dioceses in Australia, Canada, Italy and Germany. I have received a few negative responses and a few positive responses but with future hope.
Council Meetings
So far there were 10 Council Meetings held to discuss about the welfare, growth and the betterment of the Province.
Silver Jubilee Celebrations
It is great privilege and proud to have two of our houses namely Heralds High School and Holy Cross Church at Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad which recently celebrated their silver jubilee functions. As a remembrance of silver jubilee to those houses of our province, school was renovated and painted. For the Holy Cross church jubilee tower was constructed by the faithful.
Laying of foundation stone for the New Church at Kamsalipalem, St. John’s Parish, Nidadavole: By the grace of God, the foundation stone for the Church at Kamsalipalem, St. John’s Parish, Nidadavole was laid by Rev. Fr. Charles Gorantla, the Provincial Superior and Rev. Fr. Rayarala Vijaykumar PIME, Regional Superior. The construction work of the church is on the progress. At the same time the renovation work of St. John’s parish church as well as the seminary is also on progress.
The Present Status of our Province
Presently our Province has 72 priests. They are ministering in Australia, Netherland, Italy and USA.



Holland ( Netherlands)

1. Rev. Fr. Gummala Vincent Paul

1. Rev. Fr. Madanu Santhosh

1. Rev. Fr. Malaka Udaya Kumar

2. Rev. Fr. Gorantla Joji

2. Rev. Fr. Golla Yesu Babu

2. Rev. Fr. Chinta Ramesh

3. Rev. Fr. Maruthachil Sunny

3. Rev. Fr. Penumaka Jesu Raju


4. Rev. Fr. Bathula Jaya Raju

4. Rev. Fr. Gudimalla Raju


5. Rev. Fr. Pachigola Christuraju

5. Rev. Fr. V. N. Christudasan

1.Rev. Fr. Ambalathomoola  


6. Rev. Fr. Yeleti Gnana Sunder

6. Rev. Fr. Pasala John Paul

7. Rev. Fr. Madanu Joseph

7. Rev. Fr. Govindu Anthony

2. Rev. Fr. Kodavatikanti Rajashekar

8. Rev. Fr. Thullimalli Mannan Raju

8. Rev. Fr. Natha Simon

3. Rev. Fr. Maddala Jayanthi Babu

9. Rev. Fr. Ballipara Kiran

9. Rev. Fr. Pasala Hriday Kumar

4. Rev. Fr. Peddakotla Sathishkumar


10. Rev. Fr. Francis Lazar



11. Rev. Fr. Bastati Sudhakar


In India, we are serving in 9 dioceses namely Eluru, Khammam, Warangal, Kurnool, Nolgonda, Adilabad, Guntur, Nellore and Hyderabad. Besides these, we have 9 parishes, 2 schools and 3 orphanages for the poor children. Out of these 72 priests, 28 priests are serving in abroad and 44 are serving in different places in India and also working in different congregations, namely, St. Xavier’s Boarding PIME at Eluru, Major Seminary PIME, Trichy, Don Bosco Acadamy at Nalgonda and Sacred Heart English Medium High School (Mill Hill Missionaries), Nallikuduru, Warangal.
Seminarians: We have 15 theologians, 1 regent, 17 philosophers, 12 spiritual orients, minor seminary second years 5, first years 16 and orients 20. All together we have 86 seminarians.

I would like to conclude this report by saying a word of appreciation and thanks for your encouragement, commitment, and belongingness for the family spirit besides many financial problems and lack of reasonable facilities at different places being a budding province. Finally, I put an end to this report with this famous quote of our province patron St. John Paul II, "Faced with problems and disappointments, many people will try to escape from their responsibility: escape in selfishness, escape in sexual pleasure, escape in drugs, escape in violence, escape in indifference and cynical attitudes. But today, I propose to you the option of love, which is the opposite of escape" (Homily during the Holy Mass on Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts).

As a growing province let us not escape from the responsibilities by looking at the problems and disappointments rather try to gain them with option of Love. Let us look to Mary, the sublime model of the search for truth. May she help us not to avoid the questions that really matter, those decisive for our life. Thank you.






Yours Fraternally in Christ
Rev. Fr. Bathula Jaya Raj
Provincial Superior and Team